Ben Guerard(non-registered)
Michael is really amazing photographer, your photo is full of life style, thia ia very nice!
Wow Laina! You've got great skills. Very nice pictures from some interesting angles. Great clarity too.
These pictures are amazing!! Thanks for sharing them!! You should change careers!! Hope to see you soon!
robert bob lalas
Laina the pictures you have are very amazing everything is smooth and beautiful. I like all the pictures they have really perfect shoots.
Karen Stewart(non-registered)
Beautiful work, really enjoy the breadth of your subject matter. Especially love the expressions you captured in the people you photograph.
Kathryn Wright(non-registered)
Beautiful Laina, i love you photos. Keep on keeping on.. You are doing awesome!
Jana Banana(non-registered)
Lainz! these are incredible!!! I love all of the pics....keep up the good work!
Lilly deSousa(non-registered)
Just came across this via Facebook! Its awesome! Keep going, I'm excited to follow you on it!
Rachel Montesano(non-registered)
What a privilege to have you take my daughter's pictures. You capture the essence of people not only in candids but also in your portraits. Your landscapes and studies...incredible!
Trish Simas(non-registered)
This is the third or fourth time I've visited your site and as usual, I'm leaving with my mouth hanging open, and a joy in my heart that you have found your calling!
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